Tax Prep

Provide Free Tax Prep and Make It Count

Tax preparation fees can cost New Yorkers hundreds each year. For someone living paycheck to paycheck, every dollar makes a difference.

We run Tax Prep projects in collaboration with a nationwide IRS program called Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA). This program offers free tax prep support to low-income individuals and families, people with disabilities, seniors, and people who speak limited or no English. 

The goal is to put more dollars back in the pockets of New Yorkers – in one season, a single VITA volunteer can return $80,000 to their neighbors! 

To get started, update your Interests to include Tax Prep.

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Want to join in but not a tax expert? We’ve got you covered! Through our comprehensive training, you’ll be set up for success to get certified and help New Yorkers to file. Many volunteers new to tax preparation have succeeded in getting hard earned money back into the hands of their neighbors by joining our programs. 

1. Complete New York Cares training

New to the program? You’ll need to complete an  online training to learn more about the program and how to participate. 


2. Review Training Resources

New York Cares provides on-demand resources to help you prepare for the exam. Please note that materials will be updated as they become available in November, for the upcoming filing season.

3. Complete and Submit IRS Certification

Once ready, take your certification exam (see our instruction guide). You must answer 80% of the questions correctly to pass. You will have two chances to pass the exam. 

Important: when you successfully complete the exam, you will need to send your certifications to New York Cares. You will be required to present these  documents again on your tax sites. 

  • 2023 Volunteer Standards of Conduct Exam Certificate
  • 2023 Intake/Interview and Quality Review Exam Certificate
  • 2023 Basic Exam OR 2023 Advanced Exam Certificate
  • IRS Volunteer Agreement Form


4. Complete a Background Check

Due to the nature of the program and clients you’ll be working with, you are required to complete a background check. We’ll send you a link to complete your background check, which will take up to a week to approve once you submit your information.


5. Sign Up for a Tax Prep Shift

We’ll send you a unique project code to view all available programs in need of your support, running across the city on different days of the week and times depending on the Community Partner’s needs. Virtual programs may be limited or unavailable depending on Partner request.