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Who we are 

New York Cares is NYC’s leading nonprofit connecting tens of thousands of volunteers to local opportunities that provide essential support to New Yorkers who need us most. 

The central source for service in New York City, we’re part of its fabric and tapestry, leading it forward to a more equitable future for all. Simply put, we’re great at doing good.

What we do

New York Cares offers a diverse range of community-driven service programs addressing city-wide inequities, including education, hunger, and social isolation, as well as ensuring the revitalization and preservation of our schools, parks, gardens, and community spaces. 

We see a need and solve it. We have the drive to do what’s right. And the determination to overcome apathy. That’s the spirit of New York City–and New York Cares.

How we do it

We inspire New Yorkers in service to build a more equitable NYC. We give people, donors, and partner companies opportunities to make true impact-driven change through programs that align with the goals of our communities. 

New York Cares is at the heart of it all, playing a vital part in making New Yorkers thrive. The work we do is life changing. And challenging. It’s why we provide a team to support our volunteers, collaborators, and contributors on their journeys. Giving them the power to take action.

New York is full of good apples. And being part of New York Cares means you are part of something bigger. 

We are building a community that looks out for one another, making connections and friendships through service. 

New York Cares began with a coat drive. And it’s still a critical initiative today. But we cover so much more. We connect all kinds of people with all kinds of service opportunities, empowering individuals to enact positive change in ways that resonate with them. And we work closely with communities to truly understand what they need, who they need, and how much they need to make a real difference. We’re not just a band aid. We’re a band of believers in transformative, culture-shifting action. 

Look closer and you’ll discover New York Cares is a movement to help those who need us most. A movement to create positive change one interaction, one New Yorker, at a time. We all have something to offer the city we love. If you believe this too, you belong with us.