Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

Year-round Volunteering

Empower your employees to volunteer on their own time at one of New York Cares’ 1,600 monthly projects by hosting orientations at your office.

Demonstrate your company's commitment to the community and foster a culture of service by hosting a private New York Cares orientation at your office. During the presentation, your employees will learn about the pressing issues facing New York City and how they can make an impact. On-site orientations are one hour long can be flexibly scheduled around your availability. Suggested donation: $500 per session.

To arrange an on-site orientation for your company, submit a corporate inquiry here.

“New York Cares’ volunteers give our students their time and energy, expecting nothing in return. They greatly expand our students opportunities to grow by exposing them to new experiences and enhancing their imagination. With every project a corporate volunteer works with us on, another student is inspired and empowered to succeed.”
Faye Oldak,
Program Coordinator
PS 20 - The Anna Silver School