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Team Lead for Tax Prep

Team Leaders are needed at each of our tax sites to ensure volunteers, partners, and clients, have a great experience. Tax Team Leaders must be IRS certified tax preparers and will be given leadership training by New York Cares. Sound like the role for you?

Tax Prep | Team Leader FAQ

What is my main responsibility as a Tax Prep Team Leader?

Your main role as a Team Leader is acting as the communication liaison to volunteers and tracking the number of returns at each site, which allows us to track the impact of each site. You can do this by having each volunteer track their returns and report back to you at the end of each shirt. Each site may do this differently. Check with your tax site manager.


Who should I go to for support as a Tax Tax Leader?
  1. The New York Cares Tax Prep Team – Use us as a resource! Email with any questions.

  2. Tax Site Manager - Reach out to them before your first day, they are the tax law guru, they will manage site logistics, use them for site-specific details and questions (ex. is there a snow day? does everyone need to show a social security card?).

  3. Your Team – You have access to manage your volunteers on your profile under My Profile.

My tax site doesn't have many volunteers signed up yet. Should I be concerned?

No need to worry. We are actively recruiting, registering and training volunteers on a rolling basis and have new volunteers signing up every day! We keep Community Partners updated regularly, so you never have to worry about explaining low numbers. Additionally, sites with low registration are receiving increased recruitment.

When I submit attendance, I see a place to enter 'impact numbers.' What should I enter?

Impact numbers are the number of returns filed by New York Cares volunteers at your site. Simply track the returns filed by volunteers you are managing through New York Cares and enter the number along with your attendance after each shift. 

What is the attendance policy for Tax Prep volunteers?

Tax Prep volunteers are allowed to miss 3 weekly shifts or 2 bi-weekly shifts over the course of the tax season. However, volunteers must contact their Team Leaders by email or phone in advance. If a volunteer lets you know they will not be able to attend a project more than 24 hours before that project, change their attendance to de-registered, if it is within 24 hours of the project, change their attendance record to canceled.

Take a Look at Tax Shifts

Visit the map linked here to view all weekly or bi-weekly shift options. You may reserve your spot if you've attended a training.