Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

SAT Prep

SAT Prep statistics

Give hundreds of New York City high school students the support they need to increase SAT scores and get into college. SAT preparation classes can be prohibitively expensive, widening the equity gap for high-school seniors from lower-income areas. Last year, the 1,200 students in the program increased their scores by an average of 100 points! 

You’ll work weekly with groups of two to five students throughout the school year. You’ll see their confidence and abilities grow and know you played a big part in changing their lives. It’s about more than increasing test scores – your commitment shows your students that someone believes they’ve got what it takes.

SAT Prep projects run from mid-October to mid-March on weekday evenings and Saturdays at 35 locations throughout the city. After completing your tutor training, you will be able to choose your time, day, and location. Some sites offer volunteers the option to tutor math or English, allowing volunteers to work with the subject with which they feel most comfortable. 

You Don't Need to Know All the Answers

You just need to know where to find them.  New York Cares provides comprehensive training in which you’ll learn valuable tutoring skills and how to teach studying and test-taking techniques.

Email or call (212) 402-1103 for more information.

Change a Life

"I actually did it! I got the score I wanted!” Those words are music to my ears, and they were first spoken to me by the first student I ever tutored. She came running into the Fordham Bedford Refuge House located in the Bronx a few days after getting her official SAT scores back, wearing her school uniform and a smile, to give me a hug and to say “Thank you.” - James Lane, Team Leader