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Volunteering with Kids

Get involved in a children's education nyc project by volunteering in a classroom.

Volunteer to help children in need on a kids' education or recreation project. All year, volunteers work with children living in homeless shelters, hospitals, low-income housing projects, and schools. Volunteers use these activities to broaden horizons, connect with kids in need of positive role models, and help provide opportunities that many of them never would have had otherwise. 

Below is a list of our Children's Education and Recreation projects. Use the filters to find a project near you or on a convenient day of the week and sign up today!

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More than 62,000 New Yorkers volunteered last year on projects in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. If you see a challenge that is affecting your community, New York Cares offers volunteer opportunities where you can respond.

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Volunteers Share About Helping Students

“The student said I helped jump start her academically and boosted her confidence for the next few years of schooling, testing, and college prep.”