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Dee Sledge | Team Leader Spotlight

Team Leader, New York Cares

“Dee is one of the warmest, kindest people I have ever met and I am a huge fan. She thinks very earnestly about the culture of both of these SAT locations and how to connect with students by getting to know their community.” – Liz Hensler, Teen Education Program Manager.

This month, we’re thrilled to shine a light on Team Leader, Dee Sledge for her work inspiring the next generation of New Yorkers through our Teen Education programs. Every Wednesday night, Dee commits to leading SAT Preparation at Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE). With kindness and compassion, she empowers students to have a voice and encourages them to speak up for themselves. Not only has Dee’s positive and upbeat energy helped foster a comfortable and dynamic environment for the students at AAFE, but she is also an inspiration for the volunteers who continue coming back to the project week after week. AAFE staff member, Jonathan Chang describes Dee as “Very compassionate and always willing to help the students out. When students don’t understand something, she goes above and beyond to explain the material to them.” If that wasn’t enough, Dee also devotes her Saturdays to volunteering as a SAT tutor at the Double Discovery Center. Thank you, Dee for putting the SAT in satisfactory!

  • Volunteer since: 2013
  • Team Leader since: 2014
  • Hours Spent Volunteering: 240
  • Awards: 2015 Presidential Service Award - Bronze Level
  • Describe in one word what being a Team Leader means to you: Fulfillment.
Why did you decide to become a team leader?

I looked at my team leader and I began thinking that I could do that as well. I just feel like sometimes we hold ourselves back, by not trying to do something. Of course I was scared in the beginning, but I also knew that I would be making a difference in someone else’s life. I think that not knowing how to do something shouldn’t be reason for us not to take chances.

What inspires you to continue your work both as a volunteer and as a Team Leader?

I love being a volunteer and a Team Leader. I really don't see it being a choice. It is a lot of work and I have to remember to take off the Team Leader hat when I am volunteering. (Especially since I volunteer and Team Lead under the same program, SAT Prep). But I love helping others and I also love the role of leadership. As a Team Leader I can help move the program in a certain direction. I am constantly learning from my team and it helps me to be a better team player, volunteer and leader.

What has been the greatest reward as a volunteer with New York Cares?

I think that my greatest reward is being able to see other volunteers know that they are doing a good job. I want volunteers to know that they have been making an impact on someone else’s life.

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