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Event Support with Entertainers 4 Education Alliance, Inc.


Event Support with Entertainers 4 Education Alliance, Inc.

Entertainers 4 Education Alliance, Inc. (E4EA), or the I Will Graduate Program, is headquartered in New York City and dedicated to serving and empowering students, families and the community by communicating the importance of educational excellence. They accomplish their goals through youth development programs, arts-in-education, college and career guidance, mentoring, parent engagement, school and community workshops, exciting events and the use of multi-media platforms. They also enlist the talents and resources of the music and entertainment industry along with prominent high-profile individuals to stress the importance and coolness of being educated.

They are currently seeking volunteers to assist with their event on Tuesday, August 30.

Entertainers 4 Education Alliance
1958 Fulton Street, #503
Brooklyn, NY 11233

Tuesday, August 30

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Mariam Tuitt at

*This is not a New York Cares project*