Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

English Conversation (Advanced) with Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow


English Conversation (Advanced) with Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow

Work with adult immigrants who are improving their English. 3 simultaneous projects provide supplemental support for 3 ESOL classes. This group supports an advanced class.

The activities will vary. Volunteers might assist with homework; casually discuss current events; explain idioms and fixed expressions; work on presentation skills and professional communication; etc. The goal is to get students more comfortable using spoken English to start and maintain intelligible conversations.

No bilingual skills necessary. Volunteers do not need to be grammar experts, as long as they speak English fluently.


Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow helps disadvantaged youth and adults recognize their own self-worth, and advance towards self-sufficiency and financial security. OBT offers job training, academic reinforcement, improved life skills, job placement, and support services.