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Become a Mentor with Phipps' Young Adult Literacy Program


Become a Mentor with Phipps' Young Adult Literacy Program

The Phipps Literacy Connection/Young Adult Literacy Program helps young adults overcome literacy problems, acquire a diploma, and improve their employment prospects. The program is specially designed for young adults aged 16-24 who read between a 4th and 8th grade level and are not currently in school or employed. An intensive program of classroom instruction helps participants qualify for a Pre-High School Equivalency program, while work-readiness training prepares them for future employment.

They are current seeking volunteers mentors who will be paired with High School Equivalency students for a minimum of one 12-week cycle. Mentors will meet weekly to assist students in program activities that involved math, literacy, science, social studies, financial literacy, and college and career preparation.

One-hour weekly sessions starting on Monday, February 12

Various locations, New York Public Libraries located in the South Bronx

- Mentors must have a high school diploma
- Mentors must have excellent communications skills; should be personable and enthusiastic, sensitive and careful possibly discussion issues around a variety of traume

- Mentors who have received their GED or similar
- Mentors who have experienced hardship relatable to the students' lives (e.g. housing instability, single parent homes, early parenthood, educational disability, court-involvement, unemployment, trauma, etc.)
- Mentors who have achieved financial independence and can share their expertise in college and career navigation

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Ian McDermott via email at with the subject line "Mentor Interest" or call (347) 753-2200.

*This is not a New York Cares project*