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2019 International Gay & Lesbian Championships with Team New York Aquatics


2019 International Gay & Lesbian Championships with Team New York Aquatics

Team New York Aquatics is an inclusive aquatics club for masters swimming, water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming, founded and led by the LGBTQ+ community, that welcomes all adult athletes without regard for their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

They are currently seeking volunteers for the 2019 International Gay & Lesbian Championships, to be held June 23-29. They have a variety of roles for volunteers to fill, see below for more information. The IGLA 2019 Organizing Committee is not able to provide volunteers with extensive training, so volunteers for athletic events must have experience with staffing their respective athletic events.

- Swimming Event: time the competitive swimmers with stop watches
- Water Polo Event: manage the scoring and statistics table, update the scoreboard, manage the shot clock and game clock, and communicate with the referees to record fouls and penalties
- Open Water Swimming Event (Friday, June 28): assist with loading in kayaks and assist with any other set-up that the administration needs before the event the next day
- Open Water Swimming Event (Saturday, June 29): assist with setting up the course, staging buoys and kayaks, registration and check-in, clothes and bag check, and assist with managing crowds and foot traffic at the venue, help paddlers carry their kayaks to the shore, and count swimmers as they enter and exit the water

131-04 Meridian Road
Flushing, NY 11368

Various shifts between June 23-29, see for more information

If you are interested in this opportunity, please register for a shift here

*This is not a New York Cares project*