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Environment Programs

Environment lovers take their passion for nature to greener and greater heights by revitalizing and beautifying public green spaces, such as parks and gardens. Projects involve removing debris, pruning trees, planting flowers or trees, weeding, removing invasive species, and building garden beds.

But in order for these projects to be successful, especially if we want them to be sustainable and succeed long-term, we need you to volunteer. Please consider signing up to lead one of the projects below, or, if you aren't yet a volunteer with New York Cares, see the details on the right to join the team.

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More than 63,000 New Yorkers volunteered last year on projects in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. If you see a challenge that is affecting your community, New York Cares offers volunteer opportunities where you can respond.

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Volunteers Shares About Environment Programs

"I wasn’t just restoring one house, I was helping to rebuild a hometown that people could be proud of."

New York Cares Day Spring Love Your Local Park or Community Garden Trees and Bench