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New York Cares Coat Drive Headquarters Urgently Needed

Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 3:00pm

Since 1989, New York Cares has collected nearly 2 million coats for New Yorkers in need. Each year, we collect and distribute 100,000+ coats to those in need. One of the biggest factors in our continuing ability to supply coats to those who need them most is the availability of donated space to receive, sort, and distribute the contributed coats. Unfortunately, the current space serving at Coat Drive Headquarters is no longer adequate due to the increased volume of the drive as well as constraints on the current loading dock area. We are now seeking alternative donated space.

Headquarters Requirements

The Coat Drive Headquarters is the logistics hub for the entire operation. Every one of the 100,000 coats we collect pass through the warehouse to be sorted by volunteers, and then distributed to hundreds of homeless shelters, schools, and nonprofit agencies. Ideally, the space needs to be:

  • Available from November 1 through February 7
  • Approximately 10,000 sq. ft. of open, warehouse-type space to sort and store coats
  • Accessible to a loading dock or other parking for deliveries and pick-ups

      - Heaviest use from 9am - 5pm, up to 50 pick-ups and deliveries a day
      - Multiple loading bays or parking spaces for large deliveries is a plus
      - Access to freight elevators if applicable

  • Properly lit
  • Wired for phone and Internet service
  • Near a rest room that is available to staff and volunteers
  • At least minimally heated to ensure the comfort and safety of staff and volunteers
  • Accessible on weekends and at night for volunteer groups and press activities
  • Reasonably subway accessible, to enable volunteer groups to easily reach the warehouse to assist with sorting


Recognition / Media Exposure

In addition to supporting the country's largest Coat Drive, and helping keep more than 100,000 New Yorkers warm this winter, the Headquarters donor will also receive significant media exposure by having their logo prominently displayed on all promotional materials. Last year, the value of media space donated to the Coat Drive exceeded $2 million. Additional PR opportunities will also be available.

Can you help?

If so, please contact Wes Moe, Chief Program Officer at or 212-402-1107.