Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

New York Cares Day Spring

New York Cares Day for Schools day of service in schools

Changes to New York Cares Day Spring

As April quickly approaches, it's time to fill you in on some major changes to New York Cares Day Spring. 

In an effort to meet the most pressing needs in our community, New York Cares will no longer be focusing on a single day of service in the form of New York Cares Day Spring. We will continue to offer support to parks and gardens this Spring, as we do all throughout the year. 

Other Environmental Projects

For a full list of New York Cares' environmental volunteer projects, visit our Search page

For environmental group projects run by other organizations, view our referral list or browse our Additional Opportunities page. While these opportunities are not managed by New York Cares, simply contact the organization in the listing to express your interest.

National Volunteer Week

This April, New York Cares will be playing a more significant role in the national discussion on volunteer service. For National Volunteer Week, brought to you by Points of Light, we're taking the opportunity to recognize and thank our volunteers who lend their time, talent, voice and support to New York City. This year's theme, Unlock NYC, will illustrate how New York Cares opens the door to volunteer possibilities. Learn how to get involved in the festivities and join the conversation.

Take the next step

Many volunteers only join us on Cares Day. Transform your Cares Day enthusiasm into year-round volunteering!