Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

New York Cares Day Spring

New York Cares Day for Schools day of service in schools

Are you leading a group of volunteers in transforming NYC's public parks and gardens on Cares Day? Want to donate to support the 400,000 New Yorkers whose lives are improved through New York Cares' year-round programs?

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What Participating in Cares Day Means

On New York Cares Day Spring, you will join 4,000 fellow New Yorkers in volunteering at 40 public spaces across the five boroughs. Your participation will have an immense impact on all of NYC:

On New York Cares Day, volunteers deliver more than a half a million dollars' worth of labor and supplies to parks. You will help on restoration and clean-up projects that many of the sites have been waiting years to accomplish, but didn't have the resources.

A large number of New York City communities are food deserts, meaning that there isn't sufficient access to diverse and healthy food options. You'll work in community gardens that are often the only local source for fresh produce.

New York Cares mobilizes 64,000 volunteers every year, helping 1,300 nonprofits and schools serve more New Yorkers in need at no cost. Through this innovative model, your donation goes six times as far in helping our struggling neighbors.

Through the power of our volunteers, we are able to engage kids, their parents, community members, neighborhood organizations, and more - all the elements required to move the needle forward on New York City's most pressing issues.

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