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Project Manager

The Project Manager makes sure our i's are dotted and our t’s are crossed acting as a lead collaborator between teams. This person creates and oversees the tools by which we track when we need to do things and who needs to be doing it as it relates to our corporate service projects, our cross organizational initiatives including ongoing calendar programming, the Coat Drive, Winter Wishes, 9/11 Day and our annual Team Leader Conference. For you, supporting a clear path of understanding and collaboration is your goal. Timelines and running project management meetings will be a regular occurrence for you. Driving towards constant improvement in planning is a must. You’ll need to be a planner who finds fulfillment in collaboration. Ticking things off your to do list, and holding others accountable to do the same, is something you should find joy in.

You’ll interface primarily with internal stakeholders in this role. Your internal stakeholders include: The Volunteer Events Leadership Team – including your supervisor, the Volunteer Events Director, the Event Operations Officer, and the Event Production Officer, your Volunteer Events Department colleagues on the Event Production Coordination and Event Operations Teams, your Corporate Relations counterparts, including a Corporate Relations Officer and a Corporate Service Manager assigned to an event or project, liaisons from our Community Engagement Department as it relates to projects, liaisons from our Program Design Department, our Communications Department and members of Project teams.


  • Maintains our annual timeline for all events, ensuring all event planning launches with ample planning time for all stakeholders.
  • Collaborate cross departmentally to hold internal stakeholders accountable for deliverables as it relates to an event or events.
  • Develops a calendar of cross departmental collaborative initiatives ensuring all stakeholders are aware of the times and pieces of their execution 
  • Defines and maintains the project management structure for large Days of Service, cross organizational programming, and org-wide events including the Coat Drive, Winter Wishes, TL Conference
  • Creates and refines project management tools and trackers including Asana projects
  • Ensures projects progress on time and in budget by managing project collaborators to provide project-based updates, manage the timely update of associated tracking tools, schedule and facilitate briefings, and provide event specific templates

This list is not an exhaustive job description. It is meant to describe the essential duties and the range of responsibilities for the Project Manager role. Additional duties may be assigned as needed.


Project Management: You have a demonstrated ability to manage multi-month, multi-stakeholder events. You plan and organize projects from conception to implementation including creating a timeline, milestones, resources and budgets. You frequently coordinate tasks to ensure project is executed as each phase is designed. You regularly, proactively communicate with stakeholders, keeping them abreast of project status, timeline, roadblocks, and deliverables. You drive projects through completion.

Collaboration: You’re an experienced collaborator You frequently work cooperatively with applicable stakeholders to accomplish objectives. You regularly contribute to goals, actively share information and insights that create awareness and enhance objectives. You should be an adept listener who can build on feedback to design solutions that accomplish the goal and benefit the team.

Event Management: You have a solid understanding of event management best practices. You’ll frequently support the coordinating and executing of volunteer events according to their design. The systems and processes you develop, along with the project supplies your team selects, ensure events run smoothly and produce the desired outcome. You should know how to regularly anticipate and prepare for roadblocks, quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues as they arise. You should be knowledgeable of event management best practices for up to 100 people.
Iterative improvement: You should want to drive towards constant improvement in execution is a must. This is an environment where we’re not satisfied with the status quo. A desire to constantly improve using data as your guide is required.

Light Lifting: You’ll need to be capable of lifting/carrying supplies and equipment weight up to 35 pounds for events you staff or supplies you need to move.  


Starting salary is low $50ks. Salary is just one component of New York Cares total compensation package. We offer generous paid leave including a winter holiday break, self-care days, and summer Fridays; comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage; access to thousands of e-learning courses; tax advantage accounts including a 403b Thrift Plan, FSA and much more.


Apply via Indeed: Project Manager.


About the Volunteer Events Team

New York Cares’ Volunteer Events department ensures that every service experience our stakeholders have is of the best possible quality. Frequently on the ground, the department focuses on the production of each of our volunteer events and projects, ensuring that volunteers have accurate information, that the project follows best practices of volunteer engagement, and that all supplies and materials are effectively received for each project.