Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

Executive Director

New York Cares seeks an experienced and strategic leader with a passionate concern and calling for its mission. The Executive Director (ED) will apply experience, vision, and innovation to accelerate the organization’s impressive record, scale its impact, and lead New York Cares through its next phase of influence and resource development. Reporting to the Board, the ED is ultimately responsible for the organization’s management, including strategic, programmatic, fiscal, and operational accountability.


Building upon recent work on the organization’s long-term strategy, the ED will lead a strategic review, ensuring that it drives innovative programs and cutting-edge delivery of meaningful partnerships while increasing financial support to meet community needs, amplifying impact, and ensuring an impactful experience for volunteers, partner organizations, and communities. The ED will help align key constituencies around the long-term strategy and execute and achieve ambitious goals while driving corporate, donor, and citizen engagement in support of volunteerism through an array of programmatic areas.

The ED will represent the organization’s mission and programs among a wide array of stakeholders, will be the driving force to articulate a succinct and powerful brand, and will build awareness of and fundraise for the organization’s valuable role in engaging thousands to take action through volunteerism across New York City.
The ED will lead, inspire, and motivate the New York Cares team and manage the extensive network of volunteers, donors, and community partners. They will steward and nurture an organizational culture that embraces equity, humanity, and trust.

The ED will ensure that the organization’s activities and programs are results-oriented and meet the highest standards of quality. They will oversee operational performance against established annual goals and stretch targets and ensure financial stability and compliance with ethical and legal standards and policies. They will cultivate a strong, collaborative, and productive relationship with the Board of Directors.


New York Cares seeks an experienced and respected leader. The successful candidate will be a diplomatic, energetic, collaborative, and visionary leader. They will bring to the role a recognized degree of operational excellence, fundraising ability, intellectual breadth, digital savvy, convening power, and practical experience with the nonprofit, government, and business sectors. The successful candidate will have a demonstrated passion for and commitment to the mission of New York Cares coupled with organizational leadership experience.

In terms of the performance and personal competencies and experience required for the position, we would highlight the following:

Setting Strategy

  • The ability to create and articulate an inspiring vision for the organization.
  • The inclination to seek and analyze data from a variety of sources to support decisions and align others with the organization's overall strategy.
  • An entrepreneurial and creative approach to identifying and implementing solutions to new emerging needs and challenges in the city.
  • The ability to effectively balance the desire/need for change with an understanding of how much change the organization is capable of handling.

Executing for Results

  • The ability to set clear and challenging goals while committing the organization to improved performance; tenacious and accountable in driving results.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty; the ability to adapt nimbly and lead others through complex situations.
  • A risk-taker who seeks data and input from others to foresee possible threats or unintended circumstances from decisions.
  • Track record of making decisions with a high degree of integrity and forethought; the ability to act in a transparent and consistent manner.

Leading Teams

  • The ability to attract and recruit top talent, motivate the team, delegate effectively, celebrate success within the team, and manage performance; widely viewed as a strong developer.
  • The ability to persevere in the face of challenges and exhibit a steadfast resolve and relentless commitment to higher standards and commands respect from followers.
  • A leader who is self-reflective and aware of their limitations; leads by example and drives the organization's performance with an attitude of continuous improvement by being open to feedback and self-improvement.
  • An active listener.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Demonstrated personal and professional commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, displaying cultural competence while operating in an environment with a wide range of constituents and communities.
  • Ability to and track record of translating an organization's diversity and inclusion commitments into specific strategies and actions.

Relationships and Influence

  • Naturally connects and builds strong relationships with others, demonstrating strong emotional intelligence and communicating clearly and persuasively.
  • A decisive yet collaborative leadership style capable of inspiring trust and followership in others through compelling influence, powerful charisma, passion in their beliefs, and active drive.
  • Encourages others to share the spotlight and visibly celebrates and supports the success of the team.
  • Creates a sense of purpose/meaning for the team, volunteer base, community partners, and donor base that generates followership beyond their personality and engages others to the greater purpose for the organization as a whole.
  • Best-in-class communication skills and strong charisma and eloquence in delivering key mission-oriented messages.


Salary and benefits will be competitive and commensurate with experience.


Russell Reynolds Associates has been exclusively retained for this search and prospective candidates are invited to contact Russell Reynolds Associates directly. All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential. To apply for the role or submit a nomination, please reach out to:

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