Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

Event Production Coordinator

The Event Production Coordinator is an on-the-ground, frontline planner of high-quality, volunteerpowered events. Whether providing an enriching reading experience to a class of young students or planting native flora in a local park, the Event Production Coordinator thrives on “making things happen” via excellent and seamless, end-to-end event production quality. You will plan the day from beginning to end, meeting the goals of our Community Partners, leading the volunteers, ensuring the appropriate supplies are available, and consistently delivering projects that make New York Cares proud.


Key Stakeholders
The Event Production Coordinator reports directly to the Director of Volunteer Events and works collaboratively with a team of dedicated full-time and seasonal event production staff.

Scope of Responsibilities 

- Plan and oversee volunteer events for up to 100 people as per their specifications.
- Serve as point of contact for corporate volunteer initiatives, leading onsite volunteers to execute daily tasks.
- Implement top-notch event management practices to ensure maximum impact.
- Conduct site visits & phone calls with partners to identify key event factors influencing event production.
- Organize project overview calls with key stakeholders.

This list is not an exhaustive job description. It is meant to describe the Event Production Coordinator's essential duties and range of responsibilities. Additional duties may be assigned as needed.



Essential Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Experience

Event Management and Problem-Solving
- A basic understanding of event management. (You will plan and oversee volunteer events for up to 100 people according to their design. You will ensure events run smoothly and produce the desired outcome. You should be proficient in creating a plan for the day, including a run of the show, that forecasts multiple possibilities and their respective solutions.)
- A talent for agile problem-solving. (You drive toward solutions, focusing on outcomes and impact. You are proficient at problem-solving on the fly. It is the way of the event management world. You will need to expect and prepare for roadblocks and quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues as they arise. What kind of roadblocks? Maybe the paint went missing for a volunteer project. Not to worry, you have already found two stores nearby where you can call for a replacement.)

Relationship Management and Cultural Competence
- A ready ability to build rapport and relationships with new people. (You will meet new people daily during our high season and bi-weekly during our quiet times. You must be able to identify, initiate, and foster trust relationships with internal and external stakeholders by offering them an experience of well-executed projects.)
- An empathetic grasp of the many social nuances, practices, and worldviews of people of diverse backgrounds, identities, and cultures, and the ability to use that understanding toward effective interactions with people within various communities. (You will maintain a continued awareness of the social and racial justice issues facing the people in communities served by New York Cares.)

Presentation Skills and Data Analysis
- An ability to convey a message in-person or virtually, facilitate discussions and answer questions effectively. A desire to constantly improve using data as your guide is required.

Other Essential Skills and Abilities
- Live within a 2-hour commutable distance to New York City.
- Able to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 by hire date.
- An ability to lift/carry supplies and equipment weighing up to 35 pounds for events you staff or supplies you need to move.


The salary for the Event Production Coordinator role is $46,000. Salary is just one component of New York Cares’ total compensation package. We offer generous paid leave, including a winter holiday break, self-care days, and summer Fridays; comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage; access to a variety of e-learning courses; tax advantage accounts, including a 403b Thrift Plan, FSA, and much more..


Apply via LinkedIn: Event Production Coordinator or by emailing your resume to Email applicants should indicate Event Production Coordinator – LastName, FirstName in the email’s subject line.


About the Volunteer Events Team

New York Cares’ Volunteer Events team ensures that every service experience our stakeholders have is of best-in-class quality. The department focuses on the production and execution of our volunteer events and projects and ensures that they follow the best volunteer engagement practices. The team make certain that projects are impactful and meet the goals of our Community Partners while following the best practices of volunteer engagement..