Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

Event Production Coordinator

You’re expected to be frequently on the ground, bringing high-quality, volunteer-powered events to life. You’re an executor, and someone who thrives on making things happen. Reporting to the Event Production Officer, you plan and execute our events to meet the goals of our Community Partners, whether it’s providing an enriching reading experience to a class of young students or planting native flora in a local park. You will plan the day from beginning to end, leading the volunteers, ensuring the appropriate supplies are available, and delivering projects we can be proud of.  


Key Stakeholders
You’ll interface with both internal and external stakeholders.

Your internal stakeholders include:

  • The Event Production Team – including your supervisor the Event Production Officer and your fellow Event Production Coordinators. 
  • A Corporate Service Manager assigned to a project
  • The Event Operations Coordinator
  • Our Community Relations Department
  • Our Program Design Department

Your external stakeholders include:

  • Corporate Partners 
  • Community Partners 

Scope of Responsibilities 

  • Responsible for crafting production schedules for events including a run of show, day of event plans, and volunteer instruction materials for 500+ events annually as assigned by the Production Officer. This includes creating what those event plans are and overseeing the quality of on-the-ground projects. 
  • Conducts site visits and phone calls with nonprofit partners to identify key event elements and factors that may influence event production
  • Conducts project overview calls with nonprofits, volunteer leaders, and corporate sponsors
  • Submits purchase orders with supply details to the Event Operations team
  • Acts as the point person on corporate volunteer projects, leading volunteers onsite through the tasks of the day
  • Conducts site visits as needed to audit the quality of the volunteer experience and makes recommendations on areas for improvement to other teams 
  • Executes best volunteer management practices

This list is not an exhaustive job description. It is meant to describe the essential duties and the range of responsibilities for the Event Production Coordinator role. Additional duties may be assigned as needed.



You’ll be an event producer in this position. You’ll learn about what makes a good event, and how you can refine your own production practices in the world of volunteer events. A background in event planning such as a college conference or events for 10 or more volunteers is a plus. If the below describes you, you’ll be a solid candidate for this position. Must have a valid driver’s license and feel comfortable driving a minivan or cargo van.

If the below describes you, you’ll be a solid candidate for this position. 

Event Management: You have a basic understanding of event management. You’ll coordinate and execute volunteer events up to 100 people according to their design. You’re able to ensure events run smoothly and produce the desired outcome. You should be proficient in creating a plan for the day, including a run of show, that forecasts multiple possibilities and their respective solutions. 

Solutions Focused: You’re a creative problem solver. You drive toward solutions, focusing on outcomes and impact. You’re proficient at problem solving on the fly. It’s the way of the event management world. You’ll need to anticipate and prepare for roadblocks, quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues as they arise. What kind of roadblocks? Maybe the paint went missing for a volunteer project. Not to worry. You’ve already located 2 stores nearby where you can call for a replacement. 

Relationship Building: You understand how to develop rapport with new people readily. You’ll meet new people daily during our high season and bi-weekly during our most quiet times. You must be able to Identify, initiate, and foster working relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Trust is built through execution and well executed projects will earn you a high level of trust with our stakeholders.

Iterative improvement: Driving towards constant improvement in execution is a must. This is an environment where we’re not satisfied with the status quo. A desire to constantly improve using data as your guide is required.

Public Speaking Skills: You feel comfortable speaking in front of and leading large groups of volunteers.

Light Lifting: You’ll need to be capable of lifting/carrying supplies and equipment weight up to 35 pounds for events you staff or supplies you need to move.  


Starting salary range is mid-$40ks. Salary is just one component of New York Cares total compensation package. We offer generous paid leave including a winter holiday break, self-care days, and summer Fridays; comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage; access to thousands of e-learning courses; tax advantage accounts including a 403b Thrift Plan, FSA and much more.


Apply via Indeed: Event Production Coordinator.


About the Volunteer Events Team

New York Cares’ Volunteer Events department ensures that every service experience our stakeholders have is of the best possible quality. The department focuses on the production and execution of each of our volunteer events and projects and ensures that they follow best practices of volunteer engagement. The team ensures that projects are impactful and meet the goals of our Community Partners, while following the best practices of volunteer engagement.