Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

Hands On Hero Donor Society

Hands On Hero Donor Society members are vital to our daily work. Together we can meet immediate community needs and improve the lives of disadvantaged residents throughout New York City.

Members receive many unique benefits which extend throughout the year as detailed below.

Membership Benefit Levels

Hands On Hero members are recognized at the following giving levels (qualifying membership gifts do not include event support):

Be a Model Citizen: $1,000 - $2,499

  • Invitations to:
    • Society appreciation event
    • Meet the Executive Director event
    • Hands On Hero volunteer projects
    • Annual Coat Drive Kick-Off event
  • Priority site placement and waived fees for Service Days
  • Distinct recognition in Hands On Hero Honor Roll and Annual Report
  • Subscription to Hands On Hero newsletter

Be a Service Crusader: $2,500 - $4,999

  • Model Citizen benefits and;
  • One standard ticket to the Spring Soirée

Be a Borough Benefactor: $5,000 - $9,999

  • Model Citizen benefits and;
  • One VIP ticket to the Spring Soirée
  • Invitation to the Leadership Conference

Be a Citywide Champion: $10,000 - $24,999

  • Model Citizen benefits and;
  • Two tickets to the Winter Benefit cocktail hour
  • Recognition in the Winter Benefit committee list
  • Two standard tickets to the Spring Soirée
  • Invitation to the Leadership Conference 

Be a Hands On Superhero: $25,000 - $49,999

  • Model Citizen benefits and;
  • Private lunch/meeting with Executive Director, Gary Bagley
  • Two tickets to the Winter Benefit
  • Two VIP tickets to the Spring Soirée
  • Invitation to the Leadership Conference 

Be a Gotham Guardian: $50,000 and above

  • Model Citizen benefits and;
  • Private lunch/meeting with Executive Director, Gary Bagley
  • Four tickets to the Winter Benefit
  • Four VIP tickets to the Spring Soirée
  • Invitation to the Leadership Conference 


Volunteer Model Citizens have completed five volunteer projects and donated $250 or more during the past twelve months.

*Qualifying membership gifts do not include event support.

Hands On Hero Donor Society Honor Roll

Gotham Guardians: $50,000 and above
Andra and John B. Ehrenkranz*
Gail and Walter Harris*
Julie Turaj and Robert Pohly*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Taubman*
Hands On Superheroes: $25,000 - $49,999
Citywide Champions: $10,000 - $24,999
Frank Argenbright
Charles C. Cahn Jr.
Carol Capece
Marni and Bill Cohen*
K. Don Cornwell*
Elizabeth Rabii Cribbs and Derek Cribbs
Joselyn Cruz and Adam Oestreich*
Joyce and Chris Frost*
Gary Ginsberg*
Ross Goldstein*
Sara and Tami Luhby and Edward Purce
Arielle and Ian Madover
Jeanne Straus
Michael Swenson
Robert Walsh*
Harold Wolfson*
Janet Zagorin*
Borough Benefactors: $5,000 - $9,999
Kathy Behrens and Gerry O'Reilly*
Cheryl Cohen Effron and Blair Effron*
Barbara and Joe Ellis
Helen Ellis
Abigail Fairman
John Fernando
John Gans
Timothy Geithner
Dana and Frederic Gourtay
Michael Graham*
Bonnie Kosser
Gary Bagley and David Lees*
James Manges
Nancy Sands
Joshua Silver

Service Crusaders: $2,500 - $4,999
Eric Altmann
Wendy Bachman*
Ross Barna
Elena Barr
Philip Boroff
Renyuan Gao
Gus Garcia
Leslie Gruss
Dina and Philip Hofmann
Susan Ketchum
Gerard and Penney Klingman
Scott Matlock
Michael Parrott
Terrance Roberts
David Rockefeller
Susan Schnelwar
Ellynee Skove
Gina Sohn and Gregory P. Lee
Larry Tarica
Staci and Glen Weiss
Joel Wojnilower
Amy Starr and Matthew Ziehl
Model Citizens: $1,000 - $2,499
Barbara Agosin
Eve Birnbaum and Larry Goldberg
Jessica and Ian Albin*
Chris Alexander
John and Genevieve Allen
Matthew Alschen*
Anonymous (2)*
Jane Beasley
Alysse Bezahler
Rebekah Binger
Linda Blacken*
Jeffrey Boutilier
Sandy and Jess Boyer
Beatrice Branch
Christopher Calabia
Mary Chan
Marc Cohen
Dennis Cohen
Anne Corry*
David Cox
Manda Dagata
Nicole J. Dalvano
Gilles Dellaert
Frank DeSimone
Staley Dietrich
Sharon Fay
Frances W. Ferguson*
Ronnie and Martin Foont
Carolyn Gallagher
Andrew Gasparovic
Ken Giddon*
Pat Gilligan
David Glasser
Meg Goble*
David Goldburg
Lisa Goldey
Judith and David Goldfinger
Dev Gopalan
Sonia and Richard Gordon*
Alex Grant
Jill Greenwald
Jeffrey and Jamie Harris*
John Harris
Peter Heinrich
Clayton Hemmert
Megan Hills
Irene Hsu
Katie Hustead and Joe Weston
Toni and Edwin Hustead
Alexander Jutkowitz
Barbara and Elliott Kanbar
Philip and Kate Kirschner*
Igor Kirzhner
Benjamin Kjome
Mark Klein
Lauren Kogod and David Smiley
Alexandra Korry
William Krupskas
Sandra Landsman
Belinda Lang
Linda Lao
Michael Lauterbach
Amy and Steve Lipin
Nancy Lipsey
Robert Magill
John McCabe*
Paul McDowall
Joseph and Patricia McTighe
Jessica Moser and Eric Schwartz
John Murphy
Terrance Murphy
Brian Norris
Christine Paul and Kunal Mehta*
Debra Putzer*
Daniel Raffe
Andrew Reiner
Christopher Riley
Yanina Rothblatt
Rishin Roy*
John Ryan
Judith and Martin Scherzer
Marcy and Peter Schuck
Ronald Schulhof
Michael P. and Patricia J. Schumaecker
Daniel and Rachel Schwartz
Erik Scott
Jay and Karen Shapiro
Jonathan Sheppard
Jessica Shevitz Rauch
Efrem and Frederica Sigel*
Christopher Snow
Donald Steckler
Dr. Michael Stein and Mrs. Barbara Pollard Stein
Jaime Stellini
David Stolzar
Robert Stuchiner
Margaret Sung and Michael J. Schmidtberger
Jennifer Sy
Gordon Terry
Michael Tiger
Christopher Toy
Debra Trischetta
Pamela Trzop and Jason Sager
Dennis Tseng
David L. Tsin*
Shari Turell
Tanya Van Sant and Jeremy Sterritt
Matthew Verrochi
Linda Weingarten
Adam and Jody Weinstein
Ted and Betsy Wheeler
Stacy Van Wickler
Geoffrey Williams
Sarah Zgliniec
Volunteer Model Citizens: Five Projects and $250 or more

Ernst Arrastia*
Nancy Calomiris*
Christine Carmody*
Dacel Casey*
Mindy Erlichman*
Sharon Goldfarb*
Tanya Harvey*
Marie M. Lellis*

Anthony Olmo*
Sylvia Pereli*
Angela L. Quilala*
Joyce Saltalamachia*
Ann Shalof*
Sheryl Smiloff*
Patricia Yeh*

Donation Options

New York Cares
Attn: Development Office
65 Broadway, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10006

Please contact our fundraising team at if you have questions or would like to discuss your involvement with New York Cares.

Thank you for your generosity. Every dollar donated to New York Cares equals $6 in service to the community.

New York Cares meets all of the Better Business Bureau's Standards
for Charity Accountability.

Charity Navigator 4 Star Rating

Charity Navigator awarded New York Cares the highest four-star rating for organizational efficiency in 2012. Charity Navigator is the industry's leading independent charity evaluator.

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