Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

Planned Giving

A bequest to New York Cares will support our work for years to come and honor your legacy, while also providing potential tax advantages. To set up a bequest (a few options are listed below), please consult your attorney and/or financial planner. You may need to provide New York Cares' tax ID number, which is 13-3444193.

  • Cash bequest: Designate a specific dollar amount for New York Cares in your will.
  • Property bequest: Donate specific property, for example securities or real estate, or the proceeds thereof, to New York Cares.
  • Residuary estate bequest: Direct whatever is remaining in your estate (or a percentage thereof) to New York Cares once all other bequests, taxes, and expenses have been paid.
  • Retirement asset bequest: Designate New York Cares as a beneficiary of your IRA, tax-sheltered annuity, qualified pension, profit-sharing plan, or other retirement asset.
  • Insurance policies: Designate New York Cares as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy.
  • Contingent bequest: List New York Cares as the beneficiary of your estate in the unlikely event of the death of all other beneficiaries.

Here is some sample language for a cash or residuary estate bequest that may be helpful in including New York Cares in your will (but again, please consult your own attorney):

"I give, devise and bequeath the sum of $___________ (or [____% of] my residuary estate) to New York Cares (Tax ID number 13-3444193) to be used in support of its general charitable purposes."