Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

Our Response to COVID-19

Our work is vital now more than ever as our city’s most vulnerable residents continue to be disproportionately affected by COVID-19. As the city’s lead agency designated for mobilizing spontaneous volunteers in cases of citywide emergencies, we are committed to harnessing the passions of caring New Yorkers in a way that supports their safety and the safety of the people we serve. 

New York Cares is currently:

While there have been significant changes to the way our staff, Team Leaders, volunteers, and nonprofit partners respond to the needs of our city, one thing remains constant: the way New Yorkers show up for one another in times of crisis.

Courtesy of UP Creative, How New Yorkers Come Together tells the story of a city-wide response to COVID-19 with volunteers at the heart.

Impact Numbers

Since relief efforts began in March 2020, New Yorkers have been working hard for our city. Numbers as of January 2023.

meals served

Volunteerism in the News

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