Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

Request Volunteers

Two volunteers standing in between a lot of food.

New York Cares is continuing to ramp up new programming, and are asking for organizations and schools to let us know how volunteers can support their critical work, particularly in following areas: 

  • On-the-ground hunger programs
  • Volunteer phone-banking 
  • Remote learning programs


Request Volunteer Support for a Nonprofit, School, or Agency

If your organization is in need of volunteer support to deliver critical services, we'd like to help. 

Submit a project request

If you have already submitted the form and have not yet heard back, please know that we are processing all submissions as quickly as we can. 

Please note: We will be prioritizing programming in the three areas identified above and all in-person volunteer projects will need to meet our current safety and health requirements.


Our Model

  • New York Cares partners with 501(c)(3) organizations, public schools, and government agencies.
  • Every partner is assigned a New York Cares staff member to manage their programs, along with a trained volunteer leader for each project to oversee volunteers on-site. 
  • Projects are team-based and hands-on. With the exception of certain projects that have been modified for social distancing, we usually encourage teams of 5-20 volunteers. 
  • Volunteers are recruited from our existing base of over 52,000 volunteers. While volunteers can receive additional training as needed for a project, we are typically unable to recruit volunteers with specialized skill-sets like medical or case management experience.
  • Projects do not engage volunteers in fundraising, administrative, or clerical work. 
  • All partners sign a Partnership Agreement before we make opportunities available to our volunteers. 
  • Community Partners must agree to follow our current health and safety requirements


Another day demonstrating the power of community: hundreds of bags filled with healthy food for New Yorkers in need. Every single person who donates, volunteers, sends our staff hopeful & supportive notes is helping us shape the solution, ensuring the health of our city & making sure everyone has access to healthy food: thank you!
The West Side Campaign Against Hunger
Community Partner