Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

Request Volunteer Support

Whether you are looking to develop a new program or tailor an existing one, New York Cares can work with your nonprofit organization, public school, or city agency to deliver a volunteer program that meets your needs and furthers your mission.

New York Cares Volunteers Paint Line Games on a School Yard

New to New York Cares?

If you are a public school, city agency, or 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you can request volunteer support. New York Cares manages team-based, hands-on projects that center around our three major goals: improving education, meeting immediate needs, and revitalizing public spaces.

We do not currently anticipate being able to accept new partners due to demand and our current focus on deepening existing partnerships before beginning new ones; however, we strive to capture the interests and needs of New York City organizations and schools should an opportunity for partnership expansion arise.

Please fill out our Partnership Interest Form to be notified when additional applications for volunteer programming become available.

The New York Cares Model

All New York Cares programs are hands-on and team-based, allowing volunteers to engage in direct service with other caring New Yorkers.

Project Guidelines:

  • Projects are team-focused, with teams typically ranging from 5-20 people.
  • Projects do not engage volunteers in mailing, fundraising or clerical work.
  • Projects can address one-time or ongoing needs.

Program Managers

New York Cares Program staff work together with Community Partners to plan and execute specialized volunteer projects that meet their programmatic needs. Community Partners are guided through defining project-specific goals, while New York Cares manages volunteer recruitment and project logistics.

Team Leaders

Trained volunteer leaders manage each team of volunteers before, during and after the project. Through regular communication with both volunteers and New York Cares staff, Team Leaders serve as the on-the-ground New York Cares representative and liaison.

New York Cares Day

Every October, New York Cares sends thousands of volunteers out to revitalize public schools around New York City.

Already a New York Cares Community Partner?

If your organization or school has already worked with New York Cares and completed our Community Partner intake process you can request new volunteer programming.

Please note: If the volunteer programming you are requesting has a time constraint, requests should be made at least 6-8 weeks in advance to allow for sufficient time for planning and volunteer recruitment

Partner Resources