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Youth Service Update: Volunteering at Teen Service Day 2014

Syeda Ahmed, Teen Service Team member, tells us a bit about her experience at our 2014 Teen Service Day. The Team Service Team program provides students from all across New York City the opportunity to get out into the community and make a difference.


Teen Service Day is the final project that Teen Service Team hosts at the end of Fall and Spring cycles, where the teens themselves recruit peer volunteers to come out and partake in the project. This past weekend, our project was held at P.S. 140-Nathan Straus. Volunteers did outdoor painting, mural painting, sports and arts with kids. Teen Service Team successfully recruited 94 volunteers and put them to work. Although many P.S.140 kids were not able to make it, the volunteers and kids really enjoyed doing crafts and playing sports & games. Youth volunteers had a fantastic time outdoors revitalizing the playground and painting murals. During the project, I got to walk around, take pictures and observe the volunteers putting great energy and effort into restoring the school. Outside, all the recruits nicely painted the line games and handball courts. The volunteers also painted three colorful murals, one of which was sketched by a current member of Teen Service Team, Zoë! In the gym, the volunteers started playing team games with kids and from all of the shouting and running, I could tell they were having lots of fun! In the cafeteria, the kids got to do multiple crafts activities. Every aspect of the project went smoothly and I could not be more proud of my team!  From leading outdoor revitalization, to murals, sports and arts with kids, Teen Service Team had a great time running this service project! We put A LOT of time and energy into planning and recruiting, so it was amazing to see it all come together. I am really looking forward to future cycles and final projects to plan!

-Syeda Ahmed

Click here for pictures of Teen Service Day 2014!   

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