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Top 5 Things to be Excited About on our New Website

It's been two years in the making. It's been a huge undertaking. But it's about to all be worthwhile come Monday. It's true, our new website is finally here. Here are the Top 5 Things We're Most Excited About on the New Website:

5. Pages for specific projects

If you're interested in a project, say Walk Dogs at BARC or Snacktivities, you can now click on the title of the project and be taken to a page with specific information about that project. You'll see when it takes place, the neighborhood, the Team Leader, and more. Before, you would have to sign up before finding out more specific details.

4. Your own profile page

When the new website launches, you'll log in using the same username and password you do now. But your new profile page has all kinds of fun features - you can upload a picture of yourself, set volunteer goals, and see your total volunteer hours in a cool new graphic.

3. Maps for every project

No more wondering where projects are! Project pages include maps of project locations, so you always know where you're going.

2. Ability for Team Leaders to upload photos

If you're a Team Leader, you'll be able to add pictures from your projects to the project page. It's a great way to get people excited about the projects you lead, and while hopefully encourage more people to join you giving back.

1. New search features

Where do we begin? There are a lot of new search features so you'll be able to find the right project for you as quickly as possible. You can now plug in a date range, search by the client you want to help, browse by what you want to do, or even get surprised with a random project. There's a way to search for everyone, play around and figure out your favorite new feature.

We've set up two tutorials so you'll know what to do on Monday. Check out what you need to know as a volunteer and as a Team Leader in our first videos.

By Susan Torres

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