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A New Way to Help Those in Need in Africa - What Do You Think?

When you donate to New York Cares, your money can support any number of programs. Donations allow us to purchase SAT prep materials, arts and crafts for children's recreation projects, paint for New York Cares Day Fall, rakes for revitalization projects, and much, much more. We happen to think our model of working with Community Partners to bring services to New Yorkers works pretty great, but a recent article about a charity working in Kenya caught our eye. 

The charity, GiveDirectly, simply gives money to people living in poverty in Kenya. That's it. They never have to give the money back, or tell anyone what they spend the money on. It's a fascinating idea, and NPR recently traveled to Kenya to see how the project is going. Turns out, it seems to be working pretty well so far.

One family bought a mill to grind corn for their neighbors, many purchased metal roofs for their mud-walles homes, and one man purchased a motorcycle that he uses to employ himself as a taxi. All of these purchases make financial sense in the long run, and make the receipients more financially independent.

Everyone has different ideas about how to help people in need, so it's always exciting to find something new that seems promising. What do you think of this idea? Let us know in the comments.

By Susan Torres

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