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Help Keep Our Rivers Clean, and New York City Cool

While riding the subway or walking around crowded midtown, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the majority of New York City is surrounded by water. The waterways are no longer the primary mode of transportation, and more often than not, we head to the rivers and beaches for leisure and to escape from the heat of the asphalt on a hot day. However, our waterways still serve important purposes, some of which we’re only learning about now.

A new multi-year study out of England suggests that rivers help keep cities cool during the hottest months of the year. Figuring out how to harness this power more effectively could reduce energy costs. In a well-designed city with green space, the cooling effects of the river can be felt much farther away from the riverbanks. So not only is the coastline a great place to relax on a sunny day, but a healthy coastline could provide energy benefits for all New Yorkers.

Keeping our city’s waterfront clean and healthy is one of our focuses of New York Cares Day Spring this year. 5,000 volunteers will clean up 10 miles of coastline so these areas are more sustainable for animal and plant life, as well as more accessible for the city’s residents. Keeping our waterways health is becoming more important than ever. Help us clean up the coast on April 21st. Sign up to volunteer today!

By Susan Torres

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