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Farming Makes A Comeback In New York City - On The Roof

A recent article in The New York Times has been generating a lot of buzz lately. It discusses the resurgence of gardening in the city - on rooftops. The last bit of real estate in the city is increasingly being used for growing crops, and some urban farmers are even selling their produce to big name stores like Whole Foods. In addition to having your own home grown vegetables, the gardens catch rainwater which helps prevent the sewer system from overflowing during storms. So you're helping yourself, and the city.

Working in community gardens or tending your own garden on your roof is a great way to be hands on about what you eat, learn more about your neighborhood, and spend time outside. And we have just the projects to help you get started. Head to Long Island City where you can learn to compost and spend time in one of the city's largest rooftop gardens. Sign up for a project in Socrates Sculpture Park and you can compost while teaching the community about the process.

Another exciting project is Gardening Explorers with New Destiny Housing. You'll encourage the green thumbs of 6 to 11 year olds in the housing facility by teaching them about vegetables and gardening. One participant recently picked her first tomato, ran off to eat it by herself and exclaimed, "That was so awesome. I’ve never eaten food that I grew myself before." And who wouldn't want to witness that? Or you can get back on the ground and do some gardening in Red Hook, where you'll weed, seed, and transplant in an urban farm. 

Whether you're up on top of the city, or on a farm within the city limits, there's a plethora of opportunities for you to grow your own produce. Sign up for one of these amazing projects today!

By Susan Torres

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