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Creating the Internet and Arguing Over the Color Red for New York Cares Day Fall

A big part of organizing New York Cares Day Fall takes place away from our office in classrooms all around our great city. You’ll go weeks without seeing anyone from Service Events. But there are two people who never, ever get to leave their desks once New York Cares Day Fall (or NYCDF as we abbreviate it in the office) rolls around: Joseph Salas and myself. That’s because we work in the printing and digital world, respectively. It may seem like a lonely, sunless existence, but we get through it by yelling at our computer screens about html (me), debating how many posters to order (Joey), and going back and forth about which red is really red.

A typical day for Joey and I usually begins with me asking Joey for a logo or header that I forgot I needed. He’ll kindly send me a jpg of whatever I need and we’ll both go back to our music (usually Jock Jams). Three minutes later I’ll turn around and ask Joey another question about what he just sent me, saying that the color red doesn’t look right. Like this:

Why are those two reds different colors? Our Photoshop told us they were the same, but our browsers told us otherwise. I don’t know why things like this happen, but I’ve found that yelling at your computer about it doesn’t help, but it does make you feel better and you get to startle your coworkers in the process. Win-win! It’s all just part of the magic of creating the Internet.

The microsite we use for NYCDF is different than our usual site, and a lot goes into it. There are confirmation emails to be edited, donation pages to update, discount codes to enter, and pages and pages of text to update. For someone like myself who considers writing html similar to using magic, it’s a gloriously happy nerdtastic time. I’m working on my third creation of the site right now, and I know on July 30th when the site goes live, I’ll be nervous, proud, and excited all at the same time.

When you sign up for New York Cares Day Fall you know you’ll be participating in an important day of service that will benefit public school students all over the city. But more importantly, you’ll be signing up on a site where all the color reds match.

By Susan Torres

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