Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

Commitment. Solidarity. Equity Through Service

Black Lives Matter

New York Cares is outraged by the racism and brutality prevalent in our communities. As an organization that seeks to harness the best our city has to offer, caring New Yorkers, we are committed to speaking out against discrimination. 

We grieve for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and all who have unjustly lost their lives due to structural racism. We ache for their families. We mourn for our community and the countless Black individuals who have had their race weaponized against them like Christian Cooper recently experienced in Central Park. We stand in solidarity with those marching for the lives and rights of Black communities everywhere. 


We believe everyone has value but not everyone has opportunity.

Our programs help those most affected by systemic racism and inequity in partnership with a wide variety of nonprofits and schools, from providing dignity in food access to offering quality education. Amid a global pandemic, Communities of color in NYC continue to be disproportionately affected by COVID-19. We continue to be committed to mobilizing volunteers where the needs are greatest by developing our programming in partnership with local communities. 


Standing in solidarity is active.

But first, it requires that we do the work internally. New York Cares is taking the time to reflect on how to approach equity and racial justice with authenticity and integrity. That means continuing to work on our own practices while we support our Community Partners addressing inequity through their missions. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are what we aspire to, so we are taking time to strengthen our cultural competence and ensure we reflect those values internally. We have much work to do to recognize and respond to the dynamics of race and identity and how those impact our staff, volunteers, and partners. Real community change comes with proactive listening, understanding of community needs and assets, and coordination across organizations and sectors. 


We believe in the power of service.

Service not just in the act of showing up at a volunteer project but the time spent educating yourself about racism and advocating for social justice. Service means not sitting idly by. True service happens through a lens of equity.


The work continues.

We strive to live what's written in our diversity statement. Now more than ever, we condemn racism and engage in the work that ties directly into our mission of making our city a more equitable place for all New Yorkers. 

Gary Bagley, 

Executive Director, New York Cares

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