Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.


Our work would not be possible without our staff and leadership team and their passion for making our city a better place for all New Yorkers. As an organization, we are committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion as we bring our mission to life.

Four members of New York Cares Staff during a revitalization project

Irina Anilovich
Officer, HR & Operations

Irina ensures that all staff members are following the necessary employment policies and procedures as well as overseeing employee compensation.

Keishorea Armstrong
Program Design Specialist


Alfonso Arriola
Junior Developer


Doug Axenfeld
Director, Finance & Administration

Doug is responsible for maximizing the return on financial assets by establishing financial policies, procedures, controls and reporting systems. He ensures legal and regulatory compliance with all accounting and financial reporting functions.

Alhasan Bah
Talent Specialist

As the Talent Specialist, Alhasan plans and executes programs that support New York Cares' greatest asset-its staff. He manages the programs that help New York Cares attract, develop, and retain its talent, and ultimately move toward becoming a nonprofit employer of choice.

Willa Bugnon
Senior Executive Assistant


Christine Coffey
Director, Individual Giving & Special Events


Joan Conroy
Director of Volunteer Relations and Support


Caroline Dean
Development Officer, Major Gifts


Trevor DeMilt
Specialist, Innovation & Operations


Lisa DuBois
Director, Talent


Kathy Edouard
Associate Director, Program Design


John El-Maraghy
Officer, Corporate Relations


Carla Fabiani
Development Officer, Individual Giving


Suzanne Farrell
Director of Foundation, Government Relations & Evaluation


Camille Fillion-Raff
Leadership Coordinator, Volunteer Support


Michael Fracentese
Production Coordinator


Paul Fridman
Associate Vice President, Program Operations


Michael Gamber
Director, Technology


Todd Gayle
Community Engagement Associate


Marie Georgantzas
Development Officer, Individual Giving & Special Events


David Giglio
Full Stack Developer


Eddie Glass
Volunteer Relations Associate


Jennifer Goldschein
Chief Development Officer


Erin Hiatt
Marketing & Communications Associate


Anke Ho
Revenue Manager

Anke reconciles corporate accounts to ensure the accuracy of all transactions recorded in New York Cares' financial accounting systems.

Nyisha Holliday
Chief Talent Officer

As Chief Talent Officer, Nyisha designs strategies to support New York Cares’ greatest asset, its staff. She helps to shape the organization’s culture, drive employee engagement, and advance New York Cares’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Jacob Isaacs
Program Operations Intern


Jannelle Johnson
Corporate Service Manager


Noah Kudman
Event Production Coordinator


Ed Lada
Chief Finance & Operations Officer

Ed keeps the New York Cares running, managing all areas of operations from finance and human resources to technology and facilities.

Darline Lalanne
Director of Development, Institutional Relations


Angela LaMarch
Event Production Coordinator


Roberto Levin
Corporate Service Manager


Ester Levy
Corporate Finance Manager

Ester reconciles corporate accounts to ensure the accuracy of all transactions recorded in New York Cares’ financial accounting systems. 

Emily Liew
Officer, Volunteer Relations & Support


Erica Lockwood
Director, Marketing & Communications

Erica shares the vision of the organization through strategic messaging and storytelling, from charming tweets to billboards in Times Square.

Arlene Lozano
Chief Program Officer


Jillianne Malabed
Senior Officer, Volunteer Relations & Support


Adam Maldonado
Community Engagement Associate


Tyler Mancini
Leadership Coordinator


Sheryl McFadden
Officer, Corporate Engagement


Mara McGuinness
Officer, Corporate Relations


Victor Mendoza
Accounting Manager

Victor balances the books. Overseeing accounts payable, departmental credit cards, and the general ledger.

Julie Metrione
Specialist, Program Operations


Khadija Mohammed
Volunteer Support Coordinator


Lucy Nguyen
Multimedia Designer


Cierra Ossege
Program Design Associate


Emily Parent
Program Design Specialist


Christopher Pearson
Community Partnership Coordinator


Sapreet K. Saluja
Executive Director


Vijay San
Technology Manager

A straight shooter with a passion for information security. Vijay is responsible for maintaining the network infrastructure and keeping New York Cares Technology up and running.

Ovini Sinclaire
Procurement Specialist


Samantha Thomas
Event Production Coordinator


Alejandro Tinajero
Program Evaluation Associate

Alejandro helps manage teen education programs that provide opportunities for volunteers to assist high school students to pursue higher education and reach their academic goals. 

Davin Turkewitz
Junior Copywriter


Melinda Vazquez
Community Partnership Coordinator


Sandra Velez
Front Desk Coordinator

Sandra assists the staff with their general operating needs, from answering phones and scanning documents to distributing packages and fixing anything that needs fixing.

Kaitlyn Wegener
Recruitment Associate, Volunteer Support


Glenn Wolff-Eisenberg
Director, Program Design & Evaluation

Glenn leads the team that manages relationships with Community Partners and executes program evaluation to ensure programs are impactful.

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