Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.


Our work would not be possible without our staff and leadership team and their passion for making our city a better place for all New Yorkers. See our career page for job and internship opportunities. 

New York Cares Staff during National Volunteer Week 2018

Maria Acevedo
Manager, Vulnerable Populations & Financial Security

Maria manages Health and Wellness programs for Seniors inspiring inter-generational connections through fitness, meal service, recreation, and art.

Irina Anilovich
Officer, Human Resources

Irina ensures that all staff members are following the necessary employment policies and procedures as well as overseeing employee compensation.

Alfonso Arriola
Junior Developer


Doug Axenfeld
Director, Finance & Administration

Doug is responsible for maximizing the return on financial assets by establishing financial policies, procedures, controls and reporting systems. He ensures legal and regulatory compliance with all accounting and financial reporting functions.

Gary Bagley
Executive Director

Gary champions volunteerism in NYC and beyond while providing strategic direction to the team that improves the lives of New Yorkers in need.

Eden Baker
Manager, Impact

Eden works with our program staff and Community Partners to ensure our programs are responsive to need. She conducts research and evaluation to measure and communicate our impact to our volunteers, partners and wider community. 

Jennifer Beirne
Chief Development Officer

Jennifer and her team raise vital funds from generous donors to ensure that New York Cares can implement thousands of volunteer-led programs each year. 

Natalie Bograd
Associate, Marketing & Communications

Natalie supports the organization's internal and external communications goals by writing and editing copy, contributing to social media, and supporting various communications initiatives in an administrative and creative capacity.

Bryanna Buchanan
Manager, Children's Education Programs

Bryanna manages children's recreational and educational programming including sports, arts, and field trips for the wonderful kids of this city.

Hazel Chico
Officer, Corporate Relations

 Hazel nurtures relationships with corporate sponsors to ensure they have a meaningful service experience as they meet NYC's most pressing community needs.

Cynthia Chovan-Dalton
Director of Development, Indiv. Giving & Events

Cynthia works with donors to address New York City’s most pressing needs through New York Cares' volunteer-led programs.

Taylor Cohen
Senior Manager, Community Partner Relations

Taylor supports current and prospective nonprofit and public school partners to help them meet their volunteer needs and fulfill their missions. 

Zoe Costanzo
Officer, Foundation & Government Relations

Zoe works with our foundation and government partners to maximize funding opportunities and ensure impactful, meaningful relationships.

David DeLuca
Chief Program Officer

Dave leads the Program team’s efforts to deliver the highest quality volunteer programming in NYC, as well as implementing New York Cares’ programmatic strategic plan.

Kathy Edouard
Officer, Children's Education Programs

Kathy reminds us that New Yorkers are people of all abilities. She manages volunteer opportunities that serve children and adults with special needs.

Carrie England
Manager, Volunteer Relations

Carrie empowers volunteers to serve by managing New York Cares’ Group Volunteering Program. She also works to make volunteerism accessible to New Yorkers of all ages and abilities by working with teen groups, families, and volunteers with disabilities.

Samantha Fikilini
Manager, Children's Education Programs

Samantha finds passion through action! She is continuously inspired by the caring New Yorkers she recruits to support her programs focusing on reading, writing, and STEM enrichment.

Michael Gamber
Interim Director, Volunteer Relations & Training

Michael leads a team of volunteer management experts who ensure an optimal experience for over 52,000 volunteers a year. He shares his expertise by providing training and workshops for nonprofit professionals across NYC.

Albert Garcia
School Success Associate, AmeriCorps VISTA


David Giglio
Full Stack Developer


Meredith Hamilton
UX Lead


Owen Hart
Manager, Volunteer Relations

Owen is responsible for fostering an environment where all volunteers can thrive by providing exceptional customer service and support and ensuring a safe and positive experience on our projects.

Anke Ho
Manager, Revenue

Anke reconciles corporate accounts to ensure the accuracy of all transactions recorded in New York Cares' financial accounting systems.

Aderet Hoch
Manager, Children's Education Programs

Aderet manages Education and Recreational programming for children in NYC, specializing in Health and Wellness programming such as culinary and sports.

Stephanie Intal
Manager, Teen Education Programs

Stephanie connects New York City high-schoolers with resources to help them achieve their dreams of higher education. 

Alexandria Jordan
Manager, School Success & Family Programs

Alexandria plans and manages volunteer projects with education and family programming to support the pressing needs of New York Cares's community partners.

Noel Kanalley
Manager, Volunteer Relations

Noel oversees the on-boarding process of over 16,000 new volunteers annually.  Also responsible for new volunteer orientation and training, Noel ensures that every volunteer is well-equipped to serve and excited to give back.

Zoe Kelley
Associate, Research

 Zoe conducts data collection for New York Cares programming. She observes projects to document implementation, helps administer on-project surveys, and conducts interviews with volunteers and program participants.

Yelena Kneller
Salesforce Administrator

Yelena is our in-house expert on Salesforce. She keeps our data clean and our processes smooth. 

Sharon Knieper
Director, Technology

Sharon leads a user-focused team to meet the technology and data needs of frontline New York Cares staff. Her tech team also creates and maintains a public facing website allowing volunteers to find and register for projects that interest them.

Ed Lada
Chief Finance & Operations Officer

Ed keeps the New York Cares running, managing all areas of operations from finance and human resources to technology and facilities.

Graeme Laidlaw
Officer, Public Spaces and Events


Darline Lalanne
Director, Education & Family Programs

Darline brings strategic thinking to the acquisition of investment and community partnerships in an effort to facilitate collaboration that yields improved results and greater impact upon the community we serve.

Priscilla Lam
Service Designer


Emily Lau
Corporate Programs Manager

As Corporate Programs Manager, Emily oversees employee volunteer engagements and collaborates with internal corporate stakeholders and a network of nonprofit partners to implement a yearlong service program for corporate employees.

Amanda Lawrence
Manager, Leadership Development

Amanda on-boards volunteers who want to increase their impact and become New York Cares Team Leaders through training and project selection guidance. 

Adam Lebowitz
Director of Development, Institutional Relations

Adam oversees the corporate, foundation, and government relationships to fund New York Cares' programs. He manages the annual engagement of thousands of corporate employees in volunteerism.

Ester Levy
Manager, Corporate Finance

Ester reconciles corporate accounts to ensure the accuracy of all transactions recorded in New York Cares’ financial accounting systems. 

Alice Lewin
Officer, Corporate Relations

Alice is responsible for stewarding relationships with corporate contacts, prospecting new sources of corporate funding and designing creative strategies to secure new sponsors to support New York Cares programs.

Brandi Lewis
Director, Human Resources

Brandi oversees all human resources and payroll initiatives and provides support to New York Cares' most valuable asset – its staff.

Victoria Lin
Manager, Immediate Needs

Victoria engages volunteers and community leaders in providing hot meals, pantry food support, warm clothing, and shelter options to our neighbors most in need while seeking sustainable solutions to poverty in New York.

Erica Lockwood
Director, Marketing & Communications

Erica shares the vision of the organization through strategic messaging and storytelling, from charming tweets to billboards in Times Square.

Julia Loehle
Officer, Vulnerable Populations & Financial Security

Julia leads the team that supports the city’s most vulnerable populations facing isolation and hardships through financial empowerment and social connection focused programs.

Ezekiel Maben
Program Manager, Public Spaces & Events


Briana Maddox-Miller
School Success Associate, AmeriCorps VISTA


Alvaro Martinez
Community Outreach Manager


Kallie McGrath
School Success Associate, AmeriCorps VISTA

As an AmeriCorps VISTA School Success Associate, Kallie manages volunteer programs and builds relationships with community members while assessing the needs of schools and coordinating with school staff to develop impactful programs for students. 

Heather McGreevy
Director, Immediate Needs & Public Spaces

Heather leads the team beautifying public spaces, meeting immediate needs, and executing two of New York's largest service events, the Coat Drive and New York Cares Day.

Jenny Mejia-Rivera
Assistant to Executive Director & Board Liaison

Jenny keeps all the details and logistics for our Executive Director organized, and is the first point of contact for our Board of Directors.

Victor Mendoza
Manager, Accounting

Victor balances the books. Overseeing accounts payable, departmental credit cards, and the general ledger.

Ramon Mesa
Program Manager, Public Spaces & Events


Kay Mollica
Manager, Corporate Service

Kay works with New York Cares' sponsor companies to develop and support customized customized corporate volunteer opportunities across all program areas. 

Alicia Murphy
Manager, Teen Education Programs

Teens and families don't need to do it all alone. Alicia leverages the power of volunteers to help high school teens realize their dreams of attending college.

Morgan Nightingale
Program Manager, Immediate Needs

Morgan engages volunteers and community leaders in providing hot meals, pantry food support, warm clothing, and shelter options to our neighbors most in need while seeking sustainable solutions to poverty in New York.

Avi Nocella
Officer, Immediate Needs

Avi leads our Immediate Needs team, helping realize the missions of New York's antipoverty agencies through sustainable and volunteer-based solutions, providing access to healthy food, warm clothing, and supportive housing to populations most in need.

Obed Obwoge
Coordinator, Marketing

Obed manages New York Cares' social media accounts while also serving as the staff photographer. Through photography, Obed helps tell the story of New York Cares' mission with visuals that captivate and motivate the organization's volunteer base.

Cierra Ossege
Program Manager, School Success


LeKeba Outley
School Success Associate, AmeriCorps VISTA

As a School Success Associate LaKeba develops and implements volunteer-led programs that meet the immediate needs of participating schools' students and communities. She also engages parents within their children's education through both volunteer opportunities and family-centric programming.

Eivor Pedersen
Creative Lead, Marketing & Communications

Eivor develops and executes design strategy that supports the organization’s business objectives. Through design, Eivor communicates New York Cares mission to volunteers, Team Leaders, and donors.

Alexandra Perrette
Senior Manager, Corporate Service

Alex develops and supports customized corporate volunteer opportunities across all program areas. Working with a portfolio of corporate partners, she initiates year-round volunteer employee engagement.

Bree Polk-Bauman
Officer, Corporate Relations

Bree works with New York Cares' sponsor companies to plan hundreds of custom volunteer service projects each year, ensuring the volunteers help to meet the most pressing community needs.

Jillian Ruggierre
Manager, Corporate Service

Jillian has been charged with identifying programs that not only allow corporate volunteers to lend their time and talent in addressing the many needs of the New York City but also align with a company's core philanthropic initiatives. 

Vijay San
Manager, Technology

A straight shooter with a passion for information security. Vijay is responsible for maintaining the network infrastructure and keeping New York Cares Technology up and running.

Gabriela Sanchez
Officer, Individual Giving & Special Events

Gabriela inspires donors just like you to support our year-round volunteer programs.

Shelby Schebilski
Manager, Leadership Engagement

When Shelby's not interviewing or training, she helps bring our finest New York Cares volunteers together in one room at our yearly leadership conference.

Rahel Semegn
Officer, Adult & Teen Education Programs

Rahel leads the team that provides New Yorkers with the support to build bright futures through free test prep, academic assistance, citizenship preparation, English conversation, and guiding high school teens through the college preparation process.

Alejandro Tinajero
Manager, Teen Education Programs

Alejandro helps manage teen education programs that provide opportunities for volunteers to assist high school students to pursue higher education and reach their academic goals. 

John Vallacchi
Program Manager, Public Spaces & Events


Juan Carlos Vasquez
Manager, Adult Education Programs


Sandra Velez
Front Desk Coordinator

Sandra assists the staff with their general operating needs, from answering phones and scanning documents to distributing packages and fixing anything that needs fixing.

Glenn Wolff-Eisenberg
Associate Director, Community Partner Relations & Evaluation

Glenn leads the team that manages relationships with Community Partners and executes program evaluation to ensure programs are impactful.

Iris Zalun
Program Manager, Vulnerable Populations


Photo credit: Ryan Kyungroc Kim. Follow him on Instagram.

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