Hurricane Sandy - One Year Later

New York Cares' Response: A Snapshot

15,000 New Yorkers have volunteered with New York Cares disaster response programs since Hurricane Sandy. Volunteers have filled more than 24,000 slots on 2,000 disaster response programs.

The work:

  • Short-term recovery: We prioritized immediate needs like housing and hunger and helped homeowners get back into their homes through muck-out projects and an innovative mold remediation voucher program.
  • Long-term recovery: We are working with community institutions (schools, libraries, churches, and community centers) to address long-term needs like education and employment. This has two phases: first, getting the physical spaces of these community centers back to their pre-Sandy levels and second, developing sustainable volunteer programs to provide tutoring programs, job readiness, and recreation opportunities for impacted residents.

None of this would be possible without our generous donors and committed volunteers.