Coat Drive FAQ

When does the New York Cares Coat Drive begin and end?

This year the Coat Drive officially launches on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 and continues through Friday, February 7th, 2014. However, you can register a teams for the Coat Drive now. Once you register your team, we'll send you a list of materials to help promote your collection.

If you’re interested in donating coats you’ve already collected, you can do so at many of our public collection sites, including our warehouse and New York Police Department Precincts, from November 12th through February 7th. 

You can check here for more information about signing up and donating.

I have some coats I want to donate. Where can I drop them off?

Starting in November 12th, 2013, you can drop off your coats at the New York Cares Coat Drive warehouse, located in mid-town Manhattan. You can also see a full map of all our collection sites across the city by clicking here.

For donations of ten coats or less, you can also drop them off at any public collection site. Click here for locations, and check back frequently, as we'll be adding more public collection sites regularly in November and December.

Where do these coats go?

New York Cares works hand-in-hand with a wide variety of Community Partners in New York City to make sure coats are distributed as quickly as possible.

Our Community Partners include nonprofit social service agencies, churches, schools, and shelters, all of which serve some of our city's most in-need populations.

Does New York Cares need other clothing items besides coats?

New York Cares can only collect clean, gently used jackets, and coats. You can direct other clothing items, such as sweaters, hats, and gloves, to organizations with the capacity to distribute them to those in need. A list of organizations can be found here.

Is my donation tax-deductible? And can I get a receipt?

Yes and yes! The value of any coat you donate to the Coat Drive is tax deductible, and you can download a receipt here. Please note: New York Cares does not appraise coats. Values are assigned by the donor up to a maximum of $5,000.

How can my organization apply to receive coats?

Applications for the Coat Drive will be available online here beginning in November.

What if I need a coat or know someone who needs a coat?

Check here for a list of walk-in sites where individuals can receive a coat.

I don’t really have any spare coats, but I’d love to help! What can I do?

Collecting coats is only half the work. Coats need to be counted and sorted into categories before they can be distributed to agencies throughout the city.

Volunteers are needed to help sort coats at the New York Cares Coat Drive Warehouse starting in late November. These projects will be posted on our website and can be found through our Search Projects page.

Also, in addition to coats and volunteer service, the Coat Drive also requires financial support to run. If you are interested in making a monetary donation, just click "DONATE NOW" at the top of the page.

Still have questions?

Check out our Contact Us page for contact information and more Frequently Asked Questions here.